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Welcome to Zodiac Society! We are dedicated to all things Astrology! We are constantly adding articles, readings and zodiac facts for both beginning and advanced Astrology readers! - Zodiac Society (@zodiacsociety)
Zodiacsociety leo zodiac facts they can feel @zodiacsociety


Leo Zodiac Facts: They can feel down and out if they aren’t able to have someone to protect and care for. Compliments and appreciation really fuel the flames of their heart. They love so much, they need others to recharge them. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Zodiacsociety gemini zodiac facts the @zodiacsociety


Gemini Zodiac Facts: The anticipation of doing something exciting and interesting can really send you into a frenzy. You need to feel a spark, a sense of curiosity, and that certain amount of laughter in your day in order to keep going.

Zodiacsociety whats your personality by @zodiacsociety


What’s your personality? - By zodiacsociety 

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Zodiacsociety capricorn facts they tend to be @zodiacsociety


Capricorn Facts: They tend to be melancholy, so getting the high from laughing is something they really need and appreciate. They need to connect with others on a deeper and intellectual level, instead of shallow connections.

Zodiacsociety leo zodiac facts they are @zodiacsociety


Leo Zodiac Facts: They are sensitive, but they keep fighting to have the courage to do what needs to be done for themselves and loved ones. Being able to have the courage to pick their self up allows them to feel indestructible and free.

Zodiacsociety virgo zodiac facts they may @zodiacsociety


Virgo Zodiac Facts: They may often neglect their own needs for the needs of others at times, and when they finally need others, they may be left feeling let down because many don’t have the same level of affection they have.

Zodiacsociety scorpio zodiac facts they hate @zodiacsociety


Scorpio Zodiac Facts: They hate backing down from things they’ve promised, so they will try their hardest to keep it. They hate having to give up something they have committed themselves to.

Zodiacsociety aquarius zodiac facts they are @zodiacsociety


Aquarius Zodiac Facts: They are visionaries able to break the normal scheme of things. They look out for what’s different in order to express themselves. They want to stand out and it helps that they are such humanitarians.


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