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Welcome to Zodiac Society! We are dedicated to all things Astrology! We are constantly adding articles, readings and zodiac facts for both beginning and advanced Astrology readers! - Zodiac Society (@zodiacsociety)
Whats your personality by @zodiacsociety

What’s your personality? - By zodiacsociety 

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Pisces zodiac facts being able to paint or write @zodiacsociety

Pisces Zodiac Facts: Being able to paint or write your soul out on paper can really help declutter your tangled feelings inside of you.

Aquarius zodiac facts they are rule breakers to a @zodiacsociety

Aquarius Zodiac Facts: They are rule breakers to a system they didn’t create, so they get excitement from doing the opposite of a rule they think is unnecessary. They take comfort in learning about the mystical and sharing about it.

Capricorn zodiac facts they feel most comfortable @zodiacsociety

Capricorn Zodiac Facts: They feel most comfortable cuddling and laying in bed not having to deal with responsibilities for the day.

Sagittarius zodiac facts the thrill and the rush @zodiacsociety

Sagittarius Zodiac Facts: The thrill and the rush of excitement that a new start brings. Going on road trips with friends, and being able to look forward to a new day, new year, etc. They love the anticipation of something new.

Scorpio zodiac facts they feel alive the most @zodiacsociety

Scorpio Zodiac Facts: They feel alive the most when they can test to see how far they can take things. They love being in control of what others see as recklessness.

Libra zodiac facts sharing your day with someone @zodiacsociety

Libra Zodiac Facts: Sharing your day with someone without context or pressure to be anything more than they want to be will recharge them,. They seek comfort being around aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

Virgo zodiac facts enjoying a still and quiet @zodiacsociety

Virgo Zodiac Facts: Enjoying a still and quiet moment after having dealt with their thoughts and people is what really brightens up their day the most. They need a day where they don’t gave to be perfect and just let go.

Leo zodiac facts they are sensitive but they @zodiacsociety

Leo Zodiac Facts: They are sensitive, but they keep fighting to have the courage to do what needs to be done for themselves and loved ones. Being able to have the courage to pick their self up allows them to feel indestructible and free.

Cancer zodiac facts they spend too much time @zodiacsociety

Cancer Zodiac Facts: They spend too much time being afraid f losing the things they feel are important, so being able to have a moment to feel like they can just let go and not care will reconnect them to things that really matter the most to them.

Gemini zodiac facts the anticipation of doing @zodiacsociety

Gemini Zodiac Facts: The anticipation of doing something exciting and interesting can really send you into a frenzy. You need to feel a spark, a sense of curiosity, and that certain amount of laughter in your day in order to keep going.

Taurus zodiac facts they take comfort in the @zodiacsociety

Taurus Zodiac Facts: They take comfort in the things that elicit their senses. Being able to just break away from energies that pull them away from enjoying nature, food, and their home can bring colour back in their world again.

Aries zodiac facts they live for the feeling of @zodiacsociety

Aries Zodiac Facts: They live for the feeling of intensity. The rush of adrenaline that runs through them when they d something crazy reminds them of being alive. Their lively aura attracts others who seek this excitement.

Pisces facts if it feels right being with you @zodiacsociety

Pisces Facts: If it feels right being with you, then they will stick with you. They need to have spiritual compatibility with someone in order to have that closeness they seek. They aren’t happy when they can’t feel the pull.

Capricorn facts they tend to be melancholy so @zodiacsociety

Capricorn Facts: They tend to be melancholy, so getting the high from laughing is something they really need and appreciate. They need to connect with others on a deeper and intellectual level, instead of shallow connections.

Aquarius facts if they can comfortable talk to @zodiacsociety

Aquarius Facts: If they can comfortable talk to you and be able to say anything without feeling rejected or judged, then they will be impressed. They appreciate people who can really connect with them this way.

Scorpio facts they dont like being tested and @zodiacsociety

Scorpio Facts: They don’t like being tested and playing games, because if they catch on that you are, they will take things a step further until someone loses. They are really good at playing games.

Sagittarius facts they love sharing stories and @zodiacsociety

Sagittarius Facts: They love sharing stories and anything interesting. They are curious and will not hesitate to ask questions, because they hate not knowing. They can look emotionally distant,  but they have big hearts!

Libra facts they can easily hide what they are @zodiacsociety

Libra Facts: They can easily hide what they are really feeling or thinking. You may never know they are upset until it really gets under their skin and then they explode in a fit of anger. People need to really be attentive.

Virgo facts you can often work tirelessly when @zodiacsociety

Virgo Facts: You can often work tirelessly when you get going with something, but you sometimes focus too much on one specific thing. You can lose sigh of your original goals wondering if it’s the right choice.

Leo facts they are very sweet and caring but @zodiacsociety

Leo Facts: They are very sweet and caring, but they tend to be temperamental. Most people will over look this because they are so charming and genuine, but others may take offense.

Cancer facts they are very understanding but @zodiacsociety

Cancer Facts: They are very understanding, but they need to know that others are being genuine and honest. However, once you’ve upset them,  they tend t want t be alone.

Gemini facts they are more than just talkative @zodiacsociety

Gemini Facts: They are more than just talkative and flirty people. They are very intelligent and tend to be good at multiple things. They tend to be very alert and can keep up with a lot of things happening at once.

Taurus they love being surprised by affection @zodiacsociety

Taurus: They love being surprised by affection. Sometimes they can be so stressed that they just need a random moment of someone reassuring them that they are loved and cared for.

Aries facts they have high energies and will need @zodiacsociety

Aries Facts: They have high energies and will need an outlet for this. If they don’t, they can easily get heated and may act out. However, they are very courageous and independent, so they don’t fold for anyone.

Pisces facts they are in their own world so that @zodiacsociety

Pisces Facts: They are in their own world, so that can often come off as crazy or whimsical to others. They can care little for the opinion of others, and will always try to stay true t how they really feel. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Sagittarius facts their adaptability is mostly @zodiacsociety

Sagittarius Facts: Their adaptability is mostly due to the facts that they have an ability to simply believe that everything will work out for the best. Their sense of adventure really lifts their spirits up. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Virgo facts theyre very attentive and will know @zodiacsociety

Virgo Facts: They’re very attentive and will know what to say or not to say. When they are upset, they know exactly what to say to hurt you deeply, and when they’re happy, they know what to say to make you happy. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Aquarius facts they are fun and crazy but they @zodiacsociety

Aquarius Facts: They are fun and crazy, but they also really enjoy just having a one on one night with someone they love. They are also homebodies and will often recharge by spending time to themselves in their home.>If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Scorpio facts when they get passionate about @zodiacsociety

Scorpio Facts: When they get passionate about something, they can really drown themselves in it. When they come up for air, it usually means that are ready to move on to other things. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Libra facts they have figured out how to be @zodiacsociety

Libra Facts: They have figured out how to be sarcastic and teasing in just the right amount so that others don’t get to upset. Their playfulness and charm really helps so that others don’t get too upset! >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Leo zodiac facts they can feel down and out if @zodiacsociety

Leo Zodiac Facts: They can feel down and out if they aren’t able to have someone to protect and care for. Compliments and appreciation really fuel the flames of their heart. They love so much, they need others to recharge them. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Cancer zodiac facts they crave affection and @zodiacsociety

Cancer Zodiac Facts: They crave affection and attention from others, since they find comfort with other people and being able to just connect with them. They enjoy having a small close knit group. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Gemini zodiac facts they love to play with ideas @zodiacsociety

Gemini Zodiac Facts: They love to play with ideas and words. They don’t like to stick to the same things, because their curiosity burns brightly for them. They often change lifestyles in order to find one they truly are happy in. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Taurus facts they are not easy to convince so @zodiacsociety

Taurus Facts: They are not easy to convince, so letting them find out for themselves on their own time is how to best get them to change their minds. They are not ones to listen to advice unless they trust you. >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Aries zodiac facts they are playful and full of @zodiacsociety

Aries Zodiac Facts:  They are playful and full of energy. They also have a lovable and cute vibe to them. They’re very generous and will try to give what they can to help out loved ones, but never underestimate them! >If Your Zodiac Sign Was a Movie!

Pisces zodiac facts they need their space not @zodiacsociety

Pisces Zodiac Facts: They need their space. Not many people will want this, so they will try to get under their skin, but it will only be met by more pushing away. They have so much love to give but they need space.

Capricorn zodiac facts they are so easily @zodiacsociety

Capricorn Zodiac Facts: They are so easily misunderstood, because so much of themselves are hidden behind so many layers. When they finally peel their layers off for someone, they fear of losing that person.

Sagittarius zodiac facts you are very @zodiacsociety

Sagittarius Zodiac Facts: You are very independent, but more than fully capable of being in relationships. However, they tend to prefer partners who are protective rather than ones who are possessive.

Libra zodiac facts when they feel like their life @zodiacsociety

Libra Zodiac Facts: When they feel like their life is out of balanced both internally or externally, they can get really upset, demanding, and bossy until they feel all is okay again.

Leo zodiac facts they need an audience of their @zodiacsociety

Leo Zodiac Facts: They need an audience of their preference in order to feel like they have a purpose to live. Without their audience, they can let themselves go and lose all the potential they have.

Cancer zodiac facts they have so much to give to @zodiacsociety

Cancer Zodiac Facts: They have so much to give to others, that it can break their heart when they find out others aren’t willing to do the same for them.

Gemini zodiac facts one of the biggest things you @zodiacsociety

Gemini Zodiac Facts: One of the biggest things you can do to irritate a gemini is take everything they say personally.

Taurus zodiac facts they are sweet and very @zodiacsociety

Taurus Zodiac Facts: They are sweet and very friendly so others wouldn’t think that they can fight back, but they really can. Their stubborn personality helps them do things their own way.

Aries zodiac facts they can be impulsive and love @zodiacsociety

Aries Zodiac Facts: They can be impulsive and love to show affection through material means, so they may often surprise their friends with gifts.

Pisces zodiac facts they are charming and sweet @zodiacsociety

Pisces Zodiac Facts: They are charming and sweet, and they are one of the first to help you when in need.

Aquarius zodiac facts they live for themselves @zodiacsociety

Aquarius Zodiac Facts: They live for themselves while helping others along their way.

Capricorn zodiac facts if you want advice they @zodiacsociety

Capricorn Zodiac Facts: If you want advice, they can tell you all the choices you can take and the outcomes of these choices. They are kind of able to tell the future.

Sagittarius zodiac facts they are one of the @zodiacsociety

Sagittarius Zodiac Facts: They are one of the wisest people you will meet and more knowledgeable than you’ll realize until much later.

Scorpio zodiac facts they are never just what you @zodiacsociety

Scorpio Zodiac Facts: They are never just what you see. There is a strength that you will not know until tested, and there is a weakness you may never see until they hit rock bottom.